Hydnocarpus Laurifolia


Hydnocarpus LaurifoliaHydnocarpus laurifolia is a leathery leaved tree that is found majorly in western parts of India. It has round shaped fruits and has brown colored densely haired cover on the oily pulp. This pulp is used to extract the hydnocarpus oil. This tree is also found in parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.


The medicinal tree is tall and is perennial. The woody Hydnocarpus laurifolia has a huge main trunk and many branches that form a distinct elevation which looks somewhat like a crown. This crown includes both angiosperms and gymnosperms.
The Indian name of the Hydnocarpus Laurifolia is Garudphal. This tree is also known as Chalmogra in a few parts of the country. This evergreen tree has whitish colored wood and its leaves are shiny, fruits are spherical usually the size of an apple and it also has a rough brown colored thick rind. The fruit of the Chalmogra plant has 10 to 20 angular seeds in it which are embedded scantily throughout the entire white colored pulp in the fruit.
The Chalmogra has been used in medicinal science for centuries to mainly relieve lepers. In Buddhism the efficacy of the seeds of raw Chalmogra in relieving leprosy has been proven. Records also show that the extracted oil of the pulp has been used since 1595.
In 1868 the reliever effects of the herb were widely known and hence it was made a part of Pharmacopoeia of India.

In 1904 Fredrick B Power and his accomplices published details of the chemistry of the oil of Chalmogra. They were capable of drawing the attention of the world towards this beneficial medicinal additive. His research also highlighted the anti bacterial properties of Hydnocarpus Laurifolia.


The seeds of the Hydnocarpus Laurifolia yield fatty oils that contain oleic, palmitic and hydnocarpic acid.


The oil obtained from the seed of the Chalmogra is rich in medicinal properties. It is used as a tonic and is useful in correcting the in orderly process of nutrition as well as restore normal functioning of the system.

  • Fevers: The bark of the Chalmogra tree contains tannins that are useful in relieving fevers.
  • Leprosy: This herb has been used for centuries to relieve the problem of Leprosy. For this purpose the oil of this medicinal plant is applied on the affected area. In recent times the benefiting effects of the plant have forced allopathic medicinal researchers to recognize it and use it in their medicinal compounds.
  • Skin disorders: The oil of the plant is a specific medicine for relieving skin problems. it is used to relieve problems such as rheumatism, tuberculosis and phthisis. The effective dressing is used to relieve scaly eruptions and other syphilitic skin disorders. A liniment made from the oil and lime water is used on scald heads, rheumatic pain, scruf, leprous ulceration and other skin problems.
  • Paste made from the seeds of the plant is a household remedy for relieving wounds and skin issues such as eczema, scabies and ringworm. This infusion is also recommended to be used as a vaginal disinfectant in cases of foetid discharge and gonorrhea that occur after child birth.
  • The other issues that can be relieved with the use of this herb like stiffness of joints, intestinal worm, eczema, ulcers and scrofula.


It is advised to use Hydnocarpus Laurifolia only after consulting a certified herbalist; especially when using for pregnant women, lactating mothers or children.


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