Cedrus Deodara


Cedrus DeodaraCedrus Deodara is known as Deodar or Himalayan Cedar. In Sanskrit the name is Devadaru. Deodar is a majestic, tall tree which grows to great heights, has wide girth and lives very long. Its appearance is very beautiful.

Deodar is found through western Himalayas, ranging from Kashmir to Garhwal regions. It is mostly grown as an ornamental tree. Deodar is widely used for construction purposes. It is rot-resistant, durable and fine.


It is a huge evergreen conifer which reaches heights of 85 m. the leaves are seen in whorls. They are needle like ranging from 2-4 cm and are dark green in colour. The male cones are in the shape of a cylinder and female cones have overlapping woody placental scales. Both the cones are solitary; grow up to 12 cm in length and 10 cm in thickness. These cones are seen at the end of the branch lets. The seeds are winged, triangle in shape and are around 1.5 cm in length. The bark of the tree is thick, rough, furrowed and has vertical fissures. The wood is light yellowish brown in colour and it darkens with exposure. It is scented and contains large amounts of oil.


Bark, Heartwood, oil and leaves of the plant are used as a medicine.


Deodar oil is antiseptic in nature and is useful in relieving sores, skin diseases, ulcers and wounds. It is also useful for reducing fever, headache, piles, and urogenital diseases. It is known as antidiarrheal, carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic and insecticide. The heartwood is useful for laxative, anti-inflammatory, sedative, cardiotonic and other disorders. Leaves are acrid and bitter in taste and used for reducing inflammation.


Deodar oil contains several chemical compounds like caryophyllene, atlantone, cadinene, cedrol, thujopsene and widdrol. The bark of the tree contains taxifolin.

Aroma therapy

The essential oil of Deodar is extracted by the process of steam distillation of the wood. The oil has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and it is very effective in relieving conditions associated with nervous tension and anxiety.


  • Infection: The oil of Deodar is a good reliever and wound cleaner. Deodar oil should be applied on infected wounds as it destroys bacteria and relieves the wounds faster.
  • Arthritis: Deodar is known for the analgesic properties. Hence it is effective in chronic inflammatory arthritis, sciatic neuralgia, osteoarthritis and painful headaches.
  • Parasitic worms: Deodar is bitter and pungent and is useful as a digestant, appetizer and laxative. It eliminates parasitic worms from the intestine.
  • Mumps: Deodar is a stimulant and blood purifier. It reduces swelling in mumps and filaria.
  • Cold and flu: Deodar is a very good medicine for reducing chronic cold and cough.
  • Obesity: It is known to reduce fat in the body. Hence it is helpful in relieving obesity problems.
  • Skin ailments: The oil and other parts of the tree are useful in relieving chronic skin ailments.
  • Fever: As Deodar is a diaphoretic and reduces chronic fevers caused by the imbalance in kapha-vata elements.
  • Liver disorders: Deodar works efficiently in maintaining proper condition of the liver.
  • Cholesterol: Deodar is useful in controlling cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Other Uses: The essential oil of Deodar is used for external application on the hooves of livestock like camels, cows and other cattle. It protects these animals from insect bites.
  • The oil is useful for relieving respiratory complaints.
  • The powder of the bark is useful in relieving persistent fevers and gastric ulcers.
  • Oil and sap of the tree is used for relieving skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Incense is made from the heartwood which is aromatic and fragrant.
  • The oil is used in manufacturing potpourri, scented candles, bath oils and massage oils.
  • Deodar oil mixes well with sandalwood and vetiver oils.


Besides pregnant women, who are not advised to use the products made out of Deodar bark, oil or leaves; this herb is relatively safe. However, consulting a registered medical practitioner is always better before consuming any herbal medication or supplements.


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