Tussilago Farfara


Tussilago FarfaraTussilago Farfara is the botanical name for Coltsfoot. It belongs to the family of N.O.Compositae and it is also known as Coughwort, horsehoof, Ass’s Foot, Hallfoot and Foalswort. It is consumed in the form of decoction, syrup as well as powder.
Coltsfoot or Tussilago Farfara is a perennial herbaceous plant that is often found in colonies of dozens. The flowers resemble dandelions and appear in early spring time. This plant is usually between the heights of 10 to 30 cms. The leaves, flower and the root of the plant are primarily used for preparing the medicines.
In the earlier days Tussilago Farfara was known as Filius Ante patrem or the son before the father. This is basically because of the star like golden colored flowers that wither just before the broad sea green leaves are about to blossom.


The parts of the plant that are used to make medicines are flowers, roots and the leaves. Coltsfoot is a low growing tree that has wooly leaves. This herb usually grows in extremely dry and damp conditions.
It grows well on alkaline days and is found in places such as the wastelands on the side of a railway track or road. This plant is collected from the wilderness of Balkans in Eastern Europe (mainly Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary). Coltsfoot is a known antitussive.
The buds, flowers as well as the leaves of the plant have been used for centuries to relieve dry cough and relieve throat irritation. The herb is an important element of the Chinese herbal medicine history for the management of chronic bronchitis, wheezing, asthma and other such respiratory disorders. The silky seeds of this plant were once also used for stuffing in mattresses and pillows.


The plant of Tussilago Farfara or Coltsfoot is known for its reliever properties. It is benefiting for patients suffering from skin allergies, cough, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis and Ulcer. It has astringently properties and is used to relieve diarrhea. The dried powder of Coltsfoot leaves is to clear nasal passage obstructions and facilitate proper breathing. Freshly bruised leaves can also be applied on boils, suppurating ulcers and abscesses.


The Tussilago Farfara plant is rich in:

  • Flavonoids: this is a chemical compound that is known to be a great source of providing antioxidants to the human body.
  • Tannins: fruit juices and tea are also very important sources of tannin. This compound is beneficial for the human body as it is known to have astringent like properties.
  • Mucilage: This is glue like substance that is present in plants. It is known to be a very effective cough suppressant.


Tussilago Farfara is used to relieve the following ailments:

  • Lung problems: Coltsfoot has been known for relieving lung problems including acute bronchial infections. It contains mucilage which relieves the mucous membranes by facilitating the body to expel excessive mucous in the lungs.
  • Cough: Tussilago Farfara is the best herb for relieving problems of common cold and wheezing. The root of the plant is an excellent additive to cough syrups. It is usually mixed with licorice root and slippery elm bark. Tea made of this plant is also known for relieving chest and throat issues.
  • Burns and Sores: This plant is used externally for relieving sores and burns. It is an effective natural remedy for relieving irritation caused due to insect bites. The herbs poultice can be applied on the affected area of the skin.
  • Anti inflammatory properties are present in the herb due to the presence of Flavonoids.


  • Coltsfoot or Tussilago Farfara contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which has the potential of damaging the liver. Hence, some discretion is advised while using this herb.
  • Large quantities of the herb must not be consumed.
  • Tussilago Farfara tea must not be consumed on regular basis.
  • Coltsfoot must be consumed only after properly consulting a certified practitioner.
  • It is advised that pregnant as well as breastfeeding mothers should not use this herb.


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