Cinnamomum Zeylanicum


Cinnamomum ZeylanicumCinnamomum Zeylanicum is colloquially known as cinnamon in English and Dalchini in Hindi. This evergreen tree is very small and bushy. The dried leaves of the tree along with its dried bark are used all across the globe as a popular spice or condiment. This tree is known for its pleasant fragrance and its sweet as well as warm aromatic taste.


The bark of the cinnamon tree is very thick and smooth. It is light to dark brown in color. The inner part of the bark is extracted for use after careful consideration. Once extracted the inner bark is relieved and dried for use. While drying the bark of the cinnamon tree shrinks in size and curls into a quill or cylinder.
The cinnamon tree was used by ancient physicians even as early as 2700 BC. The Chinese used it as an important additive to medicines. The Romans are also known to use the medicinal properties of cinnamon for the management of ailments. Eminent physicians like Dioscoredes and Galen have elaborated on the therapeutic properties of this herb in their documentary records.
Cinnamon is a native of the country of Sri Lanka as well as tropical parts of Asia. It has been cultivated from ancient times as well. The cinnamon tree is available at an altitude of up to 500 meters above sea level.
Cinnamomomum Zeylanicum contains essential oils commonly known as cinnamon oil. This oil consists of a large amount of eugenol. The root bark oil is extracted from the stem, bark as well as from the leaves of the plant.


Cinnamon is known to have excellent reliever properties. It is prescribed for use for soothing problems of the stomach, urinary tract and diabetes. The bark of the tree is dried and used as a condiment in foods of India especially. This tree is given to patients who suffer from cold and flu as well.


Dalchini or Cinnamon was analyzed by researchers to show that it contains moisture, protein, fibre, fat, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, sodium as well as iron. Cinnamomomum Zeylanicum has a calorific value of 355.


This plant and its extracts are used by naturalists for relieving ailments like:

  • Soothing an upset stomach: Cinnamon extracts are popularly used to relieve gastrointestinal problems. This carminative agent helps in breaking up the intestinal gas that is known to combat morning sickness as well as diarrhea. Cinnamon helps in comforting stomach problem by relieving mild abdominal pains caused because of excessive gas formation.
  • Clears up the Urinary Tract and relieves infections: According to a German study cinnamon suppresses the growth of Escherichia Coli Bacteria that is responsible for urinary infections.
  • Relieves Diabetes: Cinnamon helps in controlling diabetes by regulating the sugar levels in the blood.
  • Aids Digestion: Cinnamon has compounds that are called catechins which help in relieving the problem of nausea. The oil from the bark of the cinnamon tree helps in breaking down the fat in the body and ensures a better digestive system.
  • Anti Fungal, Anti Parasitic and Anti Bacterial properties that helps in fighting common fungus that cause diseases like vaginal yeast infection, thrush or oral yeast infection, Helicobacter pylori, head lice as well as Candida Albicans.
  • Helps in relieving Pain: Cinnamon is known to have prostaglandin inhibiting actions that work as to relieve pain.
  • Relieves Cold as well as Flu: In India and Europe Cinnamon has been traditionally prescribed for relieving cold conditions. A combination of Cinnamon and Ginger stimulates blood circulation especially to the fingers and toes. This property of the tree helps in conditions of acute arthritis.
  • Used as a mouth freshener.
  • Cinnamon also relieves acute cases of headache.
  • A paste of cinnamon and fresh lime juice is applied on pimples to relieve the condition of acne.


Excessive intake of cinnamon can cause imbalance in the body temperature leading to boils, pimples and acne.


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